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SESAMI is Ruchyeta’s and Amit’s third venture after Love & Cheesecake and Poetry. The purveyors of the famous Red Velvet Cheesecake (which had all of us enthralled and perpetually craving for another slice!) are now ready to tingle your senses with their take on of gourmet Asian food.


Artfully decorated with an abstract Japanese Zen garden, floor-to-ceiling canopy windows and chic leather seats, the ambience immediately imbibes a sense of calm and peace within you. Yin and yang in harmony. 


A thoughtful menu that borrows from traditions of Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisines follows next. A wide selection across soups, dim-sums, sushi, curries and rice - all created keeping in mind the group’s philosophy of food as it should be: fresh, natural and delicious. The menu features extensive vegetation options across cuisines. And what better than to Cap it off with some sake or a “speakeasy” styled collection of premium cocktails. 

Come and soak your senses in the harmony of Sesami’s calm ambience, delicious Asian food and cocktails, and their renowned “invisible hand” service.

Note: Sesami also features a full-scale bar and lounge area, and a private dining room for special occasions. Please reach out to us for advance bookings.

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